Comfort Club Planned Maintenance Benefits

  • We thoroughly clean and check your heating and cooling system twice per year to keep your equipment operating trouble-free and at peak efficiency.

  • We offer our Comfort Club members a 15% discount on labor and materials for any service we provide, and there are no overtime charges.

  • Our Comfort Club members receive preferential service scheduling, if a breakdown occurs.

  • Comfort Club membership is designed to pay for itself in fewer breakdowns and extended equipment life. Members also have peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong in their home, they will get our best price every time.

Comfort Club Plans
Each "system" below includes one furnace or boiler and one air conditioner or heat pump. The furnace or boiler will be cleaned in the fall season. The air conditioner or heat pump will be cleaned in the spring season. Membership starts the day dues are received by Comfort Specialists and continue for 1 year. Memberships can be cancelled at any time, for any reason. You must be satisfied with the benefits you receive or the unused portion of your membership dues (less any discounts given) will be refunded to you, no questions asked. Please call us for applications that do not fit these specific programs, such as, commercial properties or multiple locations.

  • 12 month ONE system                 $159         

  • 12 month TWO systems               $289

  • 12 month THREE systems            $419

  • 12 month FOUR systems              $539

We perform the following during your Spring Maintenance Check:
•    Thoroughly clean condenser coil.
•    Install refrigeration gauges and check operating pressures.
•    Check for loose wiring connections inside unit.
•    Lubricate all necessary parts.
•    Check voltage and amperage to motor and compressor.
•    Check that condensate drain is open.
•    Check electrical components and safety devices.
•    Check air filter(s) and replace, if necessary. (material extra) 
•    Check air temperature drop across evaporator coil.
•    Check for adequate refrigerant charge and possible leaks.
•    Check blower belt wear, tension and alignment.
•     Check and adjust thermostat.
•    Set marked dampers to cooling position.
•    Check complete cycle of operation.
We perform the following during your Fall Maintenance Check:
•    Clean and check heat exchangers, where accessible.
•    Clean, check and adjust burners, where accessible.
•    Check temperature rise across furnace or boiler.
•    Check for gas leaks around or inside furnace or boiler.
•    Check electrical wiring connections and components.
•    Check air filter(s) and replace, if necessary. (material extra) 
•    Check blower belt wear, tension and alignment.
•    Check and adjust thermostat.
•    Set marked dampers to heating position.
•    Check furnace or boiler for carbon monoxide.
•    Check flue pipe for satisfactory operation and condition.
•    Clean and adjust any safety controls.
•    Check complete cycle of operation.

The (Not So) Fine Print

We agree to:

  1. Inspect the equipment covered on the scheduled basis as shown and during each inspection, perform the applicable service per above checklist.

  2. Instruct you in the operation of the equipment.

  3. Give our Comfort Club Members preference over all other service activity undertaken by us.

You agree to:

  1. Operate the equipment according to our instructions.

  2. Promptly notify us of any unusual operating conditions of the equipment.

  3. Permit only our service personnel, and/or a service organization authorized by us, to work on the equipment.


The service outlined in this agreement will be performed during normal working hours. Repair service requested by customer will be provided at our current standard rates less 15%. This agreement shall be automatically renewable, unless cancelled by either party on 30 day written notice. Comfort Specialists shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages. Comfort Specialists' maximum liability under this agreement shall be limited to the purchase price of the Comfort Club Membership.


Approved By: Rich Hallblade, Manager  


Accepted By:  ____________________________     Date:  _____________


Amount Paid:  _____________   Method:  ________________________________________